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Aktuelle Publikationen 2017

Hier finden Sie eine alphabetisch geordnete Liste unserer aktuellen Publikationen aus 2017. Ältere Publikationen finden Sie nach Jahreszahlen geordnet in unserem Archiv!

Bouwhuis S, Vedder O (2017) Avian escape artists? Patterns, processes and costs of senescence in wild birds. In: The evolution of senescence in the tree of life. Eds: Shefferson RP, Jones OR, Salguero-Gómez R, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge (UK)

Bulte M, Heyers D, Mouritsen H, Bairlein F (2017) Geomagnetic information modulates nocturnal migratory restlessness but not fueling in a long distance migratory songbird. J Avian Biol 48: 75-82

Eikenaar C, Källstig E, Andersson MN, Herrera-Dueñas, Isaksson C (2017) Oxidative challenges of avian migration: a comparative study on a partial migrant. Physiol Biochem Zool, accepted; DOI: 10.1086/689191

Eikenaar C. Müller F, Leutgeb C, Hessler S, Lebus K, Taylor PD, Schmaljohann H (2017) Corticosterone and timing of migratory in a songbird. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London B 284: 20162300

Exo K-M, Wellbrock AHJ, Sondermann J, Maier M (2017): Assessing the impact of mowing on Common Redshanks Tringa totanus breeding on saltmarshes: lessons for conservation management. Bird Conserv Intern; DOI: 10.1017/S0959270916000496

Rebke M, Becker PH, Colchero F (2017) Better the devil you know: common terns stay with a previous partner although pair bond duration does not affect breeding output. Proc R Soc B 284: 20161424

Vedder O, Zhang H, Bouwhuis S (2017) Early mortality saves energy: estimating the energetic cost of excess offspring in a seabird. Proc R Soc B 284: 20162724

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