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Prof. Dr. Franz Bairlein

Curriculum Vitae
1959-1963primary school
1963-1973secondary school (gymnasium)
1973-1977University of Konstanz: study of biology, chemistry, physics
1977-1980University of Konstanz: postgraduate study in biology
1980Dr. rer. nat. in Biology
Professional experience and positions
1980-1982postdoctoral fellow, Max-Planck-Institute for Behavioural Physiology, Vogelwarte Radolfzell
1982-1987research and teaching assistant, Dept. Zoology, Physiological Ecology Section, University of Cologne
1986 Habilitation and "venia legendi" in zoology at University of Cologne
1987-1990Heisenberg Fellow of the German Research Council (Deutsche Forschungs-gemeinschaft) and assistant professor in zoology at the University of Cologne
1988sabbatical at the University of Southern Mississippi, Hattiesburg, USA
1990--Director of Institut für Vogelforschung "Vogelwarte Helgoland", Wilhelmshaven
1991Habilitation in zoology and ecology at University of Oldenburg
1992Professor of Zoology, University of Oldenburg
2015Visiting Professor, Gurukula Kangri University, Haridwar, India
2015Visiting Professor, Rajiv Gandhi University, Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh, India
2017Adjunct Professor, Centre of Excellence in Biodiversity, Rajiv Gandhi University, Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh, India
Research expeditions
1981-1989Algerian Sahara: Trans-Sahara bird migration
1994--Morocco: Stopover ecology of passerine migrants
1994-2002Ivory Coast: Wintering ecology of Palaearctic migrants
1999-2000Nigeria: Stopover ecology of passerine migrants
2003Endemic birds of French Polynesia
2008--Alaskan and Canadian Arctic: Migration of Northern Wheatear
1985"Heinz-Meier-Leibnitz-Preis" for Ecophysiology of the German Research Council (DFG)
1987Heisenberg Fellow of the German Research Council (DFG)
1991"Ornithologen-Preis" of the German Ornithologists' Society (Deutschen Ornithologen- Gesellschaft)
2001Witherby Memorial Lecture, British Trust for Ornithology
2002Honorary President (Patron) of Merseyside Ringing Group, Cheshire, UK
2004Corresponding Fellow American Ornithologists' Union
2009Media Award for Meteorology 2009, Category Best Print: "Climate Change and Weather - consequences for Wilhelmshaven as well".
2010Award of Oldenburgische Landschaft
2012    Konrad Lorenz Medal
2015Honorary President of German Ornithologists’ Society (Deutsche Ornithologen-Gesellschaft)
2015Marsh Award for International Ornithology, Marsh Christian Trust and British Trust for Ornithology
1984-1988Member of the Working Group "Conservation of Wild Birds" at the European Commission
1984-1988Member of the Working Group "Migratory Birds Programme" of the International Council for Bird Preservation, Cambridge, England.
1988-1997Member of the Research Council of the Deutschen Ornithologen-Gesellschaft (1994-97 Chair)
1991-1997Member of the Scientific Board of the Deutsche Ornithologen-Gesellschaft
1991--Board of Directors "Der Mellumrat - Naturschutz- und Forschungsgemeinschaft"
1992-2001Member of the Board of the European Union for Bird Ringing (EURING).
1992--Chair of the jury "Vauk-Förderpreis Forschung für Naturschutz"
1994-1997Chairman European Science Foundation Network "Songbird Migration"
1994--Member of the jury "Wilhelmshaven-Preis für Meeresforschung"
1996-2000Member of the Advisory Board (Fachausschuss) of Zoology of the German Research Council (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, DFG)
1998-2001Member of the Advisory Board for the "National Park Lower Saxony Wadden Sea"
1998--Member of the International Ornithological Committee
1999-2004Member of the Advisory Board of the German Zoological Society
1999--Member of the Evaluation Expert Group for Key Action 5 of the Quality of Life RTD Programme of the European Commission
2000-2005Chairman European Science Foundation Scientific Programme "Optimality in Bird Migration"
2000-2004Vice-Chair of the Advisory Board of Biology and Chair of the Advisory Board of Zoology of the DFG
2000--Member of the Expert Group for Birds for the revision of the Council of Europe Convention ETS123 Appendix A for birds
2001-2005Member of the Council of the European Ornithologists Union (EOU)
2002--Member of the jury "Forschungspreis der Deutschen Wildtierstiftung"
2002--Member of the jury "Oldenburger Preis für Regionalforschung"
2002--President of the German Ornithologists' Society (Deutsche Ornithologen-Gesellschaft e.V.)
2002-2006Secretary-General of the 24th International Ornithological Congress, Hamburg 2006
2003--Member of the Board of the Foundation „Vogelmonitoring Deutschland“
2005--2007Member of the Scientific Advisory Board of “Deutscher Jagdschutzverband”
2006--Advisor for Nature Conservation of the Lower Saxony Minister of Economics and Trade
2007--Member of the Board of „Oldenburgische Landschaft“
2007-2013President of the "European Union for Bird Ringing (EURING)"
2010-2014President of the "International Ornithologists’ Union (IOU)"
2011--Member of the Scientific Advisory Board of “Natureum Niederelbe”
2012--Member of the Scientific Advisory Board of “Society of Species Conservation and Aviculture”
2012--Member Advisory Board of the UNESCO World Heritage Wadden Sea Flyway Initiative
2012--Member CMS Working Group on Migratory Landbirds in the African/Eurasian Region
2013       Member jury Max-Planck Research Award 2013
2014--Member “Red Kite Conservation Panel”, Landcare Germany 
2014--Immediate Past-President of the “International Ornithologists’ Union (IOU)”


Editorial duties
1980-1984Editor-in-Chief Ber. Dtsch. Sektion Intern. Rat Vogelschutz
1998--Editor-in-Chief of Journal für Ornithologie (Journal of Ornithology) of the Deutsche Ornithologen-Gesellschaft
2002-2006Assistant Editor Marine Ecology Progress Series
2012--Co-Editor Movement Ecology
2017--Co-Editor Encyclopedia of Animal Behavior

Member of Editorial Boards of Avian Ecology and Behaviour (1999--), Oecologia (1991-1997), Ringing & Migration (1991--), Zoology (1992-1999), Die Vogelwelt (1992-2000), Die Vogelwarte (1990-2004), Acta Zoologica Lithuanica (2005--), Der Falke (2015--).



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